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Dead Beet Records are a new label coming out of Glasgow that look set to make some noise in the music industry. Already they have signed up some of the most exciting up and coming Scottish bands, and despite the dark, almost primal rock ‘n’ roll vibes about the company, their future looks bright.
I caught up with founders Conor and Blue to find out their opinions on the current music scene and hopes for their company.

 Dead Beet Records is still in its infancy, what are your plans for it in the coming year?

We’re taking things as they come at the moment; we’ve had a response from our releases and parties that we genuinely did not expect. Three releases are in the pipeline after this month’s; Twin Mirrors in August, The Velveteen Saints also in August and Future Glue in October. We’ll be throwing some more surprises in-between then.

What does Dead Beet Records look for in an artist and what was your reasoning behind your current signings?

The act has to excite us, and represent a part of what we believe this generation’s music should represent. Although we don’t want to confine ourselves to a certain city or genre, the tracks we put out must be volatile and engaging in their own right. Our aesthetic may be dark, but too many small independents fall into the trap of putting out acts solely based on their aesthetic, we’re into excitement and boundary pushing.

 You recently announced you have signed The Velveteen Saints to the label, what’s in store for them?

We’ll be putting out a A / B side for their debut single, more details are going to released on that soon, but it’ll be available on one hundred 7” vinyl, limited cassette and digital download.

 What’s up and coming bands do you reckon will create a lot of noise in the music industry this year?

From Glasgow alone, Baby Strange look set to cause a big noise.Fat Whites, The Wytches, Sleaford Mods, Skinny Girl Diet and Slaves are some of our favorite acts from down south.

It’s been said that Dead Beet throw a hell of a party, is that one of the more enjoyable aspects of the business?

When we first started we agreed that we wanted to be so much more than just a record label, we want to try and encapsulate what’s going on with people our age into guitar music, and bring them all into the one place. The parties have been doing that and they’ve been wild, Glasgow’s youth needs that especially, something to shake and rile people up.

When’s the next one?

We’ve got one in the works. We can’t say much right now but it’s going to be July sometime.

Lastly, what track can you not stop listening to at the moment and why?

Conor – Loverman – Nick Cave. I’ve been listening to that album since before I could walk. That track is six minutes of pure unadulterated tension. That, or anything by Ty Segall.

Blue – I can’t stop listening to Swans – A Little God In My Hands. I’ve been obsessed with the band for months now. There’s something really sexy and dark about that song. A little piece of heaven and hell.